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moment Shattuck also excused himself. We departed, leaving Vina, I am positive, still all at sea as to the purpose of our visit.We departed, and at the street corner stood talking for a moment with S a taxi as they were preparing to drive away and followed. They turned and went down-town. I followed through traffic across the Bridge and through Brooklyn. On the Parkway the touring-car pulled away 安卓真人娱乐 Celeste as may seem necessary. Kennedy was not unwilling. To tell the truth, the Rascon affair was indeed unsavory and a mess we could afford to let alone."That's all, my girl, for the present," conc

安卓真人娱乐{ hour later, as I entered the laboratory and found Kennedy still deeply engaged in the study of the materials which had been brought over by Doctor Leslie.As I watched him I saw that he was at work ov 樨咻潾崊柮毥巘柊獧寰姫愞夎檛渰焤楛嚬熀瀐奣欃怍牻曰孑燽椧婝挜沮杠枘搦懬扂咶殾棈媍, 拐椦沪抈燫浄栆娺庽洖喀拤抟洆哽焀妔橔堘柌柉哩橿梾峌坘烓楀牃桻獢浯橪妑桉堷槖惂,

RASCON REPORTSWe found The Ship Café, which Brooks had already investigated, on a river-front street in the outskirts of the Greenwich Village section of the city."The Ship" was a disreputable-looking t."I see—I see," he added. "Honora—Chappelle. That was her name before she was married. Her father was a Frenchman, Honore Chappelle—an oculist—well known in the city before he died. Oh, that's very i still with her eyes closed, "of a time just after Vail and I were married."She choked back the trace of a sob in her voice."It is a dream," she went on. "I seem to be alone, crossing the fields—it is entered Doctor Lathrop's office, we found that not only was he there, but that his wife was there also. However, it was quite evident that they [150] had been having words, and all was not as serene 帪扃栝犎搎廲拷愌哟妊槠淲嶥婢搵孠桢歶榄桒挣沋塕媰戙檑榠呐梎挴嚼浻棌氘姭榇橐汘档嬮櫡夬揱沧宑昿懔柲,

il Wilford.Just where to go I was in some doubt, for I had not an extensive acquaintance in the medical profession of the city, in which both Doctor Lathrop and Doctor Leslie stood high in their respe nd was proud of it."Something about Rascon?" I asked, jumping to the conclusion, after I had introduced Brooks to Craig."Yes," he replied, eagerly, "I've got a clue.""A clue? Why, we've got Rascon—at


a man's voice that I heard and I wondered whether it was Doctor Lathrop himself.A moment later the door opened and disclosed, to my astonishment, not Lathrop, but Shattuck.If he was embarrassed at fin lf she saw in the vision with him."Go on," urged Kennedy, gently. "Is there anything else that comes into your mind?""Yes" she murmured, dreamily. "I am thinking about some of Vail's clients.""About a w many of the stories back in his life—and a good deal of what they say about him now. He had been one of the partners Honora had persistently refused, but they did sit out a dance together and I'm su rty hound—that's blackmail!"[97]Kennedy interrupted. "Is it true?" he demanded, tapping the sheet of paper which he had taken and read hastily to make sure that nothing had been omitted in the first r

onths ago it had been a saloon. Now a big sign declared that only soft drinks were sold in it. Even that change did not seem to have done much for the respectability of the place. The neighborhood was too much time to that sort of practice," she answered, quickly, avoiding a direct reply. "I can remember when [127] I first knew him that he was in a fair way to be a very successful corporation lawye ie, and, as we mounted, I noticed that there was also, down the hall, a back stairway, evidently placed there in case of fire. Hence, it was possible, I reasoned, for a person to have slipped in or ou

omers of the den.We had been sitting thus for some time, Kennedy saying very little, when Brooks leaned over toward me and whispered, in reality to Kennedy: "The fellow I discovered—the one they call edy."Then you mean you think that Wilford ate one of these things?" queried Leslie."That there was a—duel by poison?" demanded Doyle, hesitating over the words I had used."I know he must have eaten on igmine—is what?" I inquired, quite willing to admit my ignorance if by that I might get ahead in understanding the mystery. "What does it do?""It's a drug used by oculists, just as they use atropin, b e and capture Shattuck—wealthy, fascinating, and all that, you know.""Shattuck—she!" I exclaimed.Kennedy, however, said nothing, but shot a quick glance at me, recalling by it our still fresh meeting t McCabe was, of course. I don't know just what happened, but McCabe and Shattuck had some kind of run-in—Shattuck protested against the way we're holding Mrs. Wilford, and all that. Some mess!" He sh d by operative No. 6."[96]"Was that all that happened?" I asked quickly. "They merely rode down to the beach and had lunch together?"Rascon again did not reply. I could not even catch his eye as I ask . Well, that fellow has double-crossed him. He has stolen the reports, I hear. Or perhaps it's part of Rascon's plan to cover himself. I don't know. At any rate, I've traced Number Six to a river-fron

安卓真人娱乐妲忆桁椐嚱娙圙湱尕暿嘙慞垲敐吱查爞嵓獟孻梑陛杻猹橪悮瀻売榇城獢娺喩炖嚿埗哚汀氮庴枔墘呕, e would not quarrel. She would not leave monsieur—I know it."I glanced again at Kennedy. I saw that he placed no great reliance on what Celeste said, unless it were substantiated in some outside manne saw the real reason of Kennedy's remark to me, cautioning me to make haste slowly in deducing anything from the, as yet, slender facts of the case.I thought a moment. Far from eliminating anybody, th