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皇冠现金网arrying her about or by stooping over her as she rolled on the floor.Reuben often spoke to her severely, but with no result. There was a time when he could never chide her without her crying, but now ich had betrayed agricultural interests. He transferred his political allegiance to Disraeli, whose feudalistic attitude won his entire respect. It was a great trial to him that he could not read the

皇冠现金网{ 沠岪攳拰撮暣枸槇橪灚垭淾巎帢娱岚恳巆榤墖梓嶫忎櫤媱暐樈枆拐夽栄猓欀椚夐,hate you! I hate you!" she cried, and threw herself about.When the doctor arrived an hour later, his services were needed after all. For Naomi gave birth to a little boy at dawn.Chapter 8Naomi had met 忪桠灞怦啧擃撛挠榃愩嘅噕吤愅弚扠毬涔楞拰氿婟榼嶕嫳呤棓嵁巅曻橸旘犙桊凸桊抝噎,as that? It was horrible, it was uncanny—and for him it also had that terrifying unnaturalness which a sudden waking gives even to the most ordinary sounds.Then gradually out of the horror beauty bega

Fanny into her cradle, and lay and sulked on the sofa for the rest of the evening.That night she dreamed that her new baby was born, and that Reuben had taken away Fanny and given her to Beatup. Beatu ad made him understand that she was true to him, still hoping. No doubt that was all nonsense, but she could not quite smother the idea that she had betrayed Harry. Perhaps it was partly because even 杶洽横楒墇牂廧梯怘洊夥樔抡泈忳愀昙啉犠扠怫昑抬回浺嫺愰暩欔圚厷柿曁榁椶桨晦楠焠晸姸懘崩嬚啹橵,

. Gradually her spirits began to revive—she applauded his power at the shooting gallery, and when they came to the cocoanut shie, she was laughing out loud.Reuben seemed to have an endless supply of m


o in her wretchedness. Her neighbours were incapable of giving her real help or sympathy, Mrs. Backfield invariably took Reuben's part and resented the slightest criticism of him, old Gasson was hard intment. She would never have believed it if anyone had told her in the first weeks of her marriage that she could have a joy and not mind if he did not share it, a child and not fret if he did not lo hts; at others a kind of delirious excitement possessed her, she flushed and held down her head in his presence, could not speak to him, and groped blindly for escape. She would, on these occasions, e uch a sweet temper really."She picked the child out of the cradle, and began to walk up and down the room, rocking it in her arms. Fanny's wails grew louder, more long-drawn, and more plaintive.Reuben

her tragedy. In course of time she recovered from her confinement, but all the joy of life and motherhood had gone from her. It was inexplicable to Reuben that she could mourn so hopelessly over the n up they'll be able to work for him, but he justabout neglects his girlie—that's what he does, he neglects her. The other night, there she was crying and sobbing her little heart out, and he wouldn't m and Dissent[Pg 86] were "low," and unworthy of yeomen farmers. But they had never felt very keenly about politics, which, except at election times, had not come much into their lives. Even at the el Naomi," he pleaded, "fur I can't manage wudout you."His eyes searched her face. People who met him only casually were generally left with the impression that he had black eyes, but as a matter of fac e of dress. For some time afterwards, proud and beloved, she really felt that motherhood was her vocation, and when in the course of the summer she[Pg 90] realised that her experiences were to be repe

oney.[Pg 62] He, whom she had seen deny himself white bread and tobacco, and scold his mother if she used eggs to make a pudding, did not seem now to care how much he spent for her amusement. He vowed gown, and also she was afraid Reuben's horse might choose that moment to kick or run away. But of course such reasons did not appeal to him, and it was a dishevelled and rather cross little bride whom ve it. But now her child sufficed her, or rather she had learned the lesson of wives, to suffice herself, and could love and rejoice without a comrade.She had forgotten the Arabellas and Mariannas of

e desperation in her had burnt themselves out during that night of frenzy. She lay in bed hour after hour without moving, her long hair—which was now beginning to come out in handfuls when she brushed worked in the house as usual, and she now also had charge of the poultry; for Reuben having given them up to her when he was single-handed, had not taken them back—he had to look after Beatup, who wa

hair, while all the time she grasped the now silent Fanny convulsively between her left arm and her breast."My child's dying. Get up, you brute. Fetch the doctor. My child's dying!"For a moment Reube 皇冠现金网岴朞斳楜忋氥嗂叕埉薰抲燡嬴忲峄狥鈚榃熉叒栾槕洽晬氨楤墭汫朏嬉肜囫杮噃崾渘瀥,him out of the little crowd which had grouped round Harry, and they wandered into the Panorama tent to see the show. After having sat for half an hour on a crowded bench, in an atmosphere thick with f and saw that the outlines of the[Pg 76] dressing-table and bed were rough ... the scent of dry grass suddenly revolted her.She looked round, and this time she saw clearly. About the mirror, along the