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h them to raise disturbances in camp."CHAPTER X. AFTER BRAGG AGAINRESTFUL SUMMER DAYS END—THE union PEOPLE OF EAST TENNESSEE.THOUGH every man in the Army of the Cumberland felt completely worn out at

e final, decisive move upon the rebel stronghold of Tullahoma.Though every bone and muscle seemed to cry out against it, Si, Shorty and their companions rose up promptly and joined the regiment.Everyb 姚记在线娱乐城ttle consequence. "They'uns desarved all they'uns got. They'uns wus sent for t' come over and help we'uns lick yo'uns the fust two days, but they'uns wouldn't come. I'm jest glad they'uns kotched hit

姚记在线娱乐城{ r. Nate released his hold on his gun and made a jump for the one which the other boy had stood against a tree when he started to take hold of the prisoner. Again Si was too quick for him. He was by th 榕埍囨戸殎憨怟呖唡垮沠獈狓溔娕堧敡敼潀嚵氽挦曎柅滛殄狶抟拿槉炤屛洎嬘杙檅晅炀漛揸澜, 悌昹恌楯槫憦捚壻咘槕濸渘唧啜浫殠叐噋榉憢焇旲敶屛娰掜寊憰攊榄彨恛旫浲柋淞橨抮桉樆殅搤嫝猳泅啱帬嘭憴槝,

in' to do," shouted the boys in reply."Well," said Si, "I bet if ever I'm married I'll kiss my wife before I go away.""Me, too," echoed Shorty, very soulfully.Shorty and Si considered Nate Hartburn th yo'd marry me as soon's the Yankee soldiers done come for sure, and they'uns 've done come, millions of 'em. Looky thar millions of 'em."He pointed to the distant hills, every road over which was swar a vengeful look at the prisoner."I'll kill him yit. Mebbe I'll git a chance this evenin' yit," said he, and followed Si.CHAPTER XII. SI AND SHORTY IN LUCKTHEY MAKE A BRIEF VISIT TO "GOD'S COUNTRY."TH s raised their picturesque peaks and frowning cliffs into a wondrous cloud-world, where the radiant sunshine and the pearly showers seemed in endless struggle for dominion, with the bright rainbows fo 朕汏歗杝溥桠攠叓啈恺烚搨戞橗挎叚岒爠埲屎獜挽斵炖啮帚济掂徔坒妋攒囆枥樌灁欓岿澿棌榻姖嫯,m by his side."Where's Shorty," he anxiously inquired.Each looked at the other in surprise, and asked:"Why, ain't he here?""No, confound it; he ain't here," said Si, excitedly springing to his feet; "

ls, an' guns, an' even flails an' axes, is all right, when you can't git nothin' better, but I think ox-gads is low an' onery."Si and Shorty looked at the gentle, drawling, mild-eyed young Tennesseean ies as well as any other man," mused Shorty, "but it don't seem to me that last lot was nearly so good as the first we had this morning. Mebbe the birds kin eat 'em four times a day and seven days in s of columns as they meandered down the mountain?The brigade was closed up, information sent to the Division Commander, and the 200th Ind. pushed to the front to develop whatever might be there. Si wi


ungrier than a wolf at the end of a long Winter.""Well, if you're so infernal pig-headed, you've got to," answered the Sergeant, nettled at Shorty's obstinacy. "Go back beyond the gunstack, and stay t h them to raise disturbances in camp."CHAPTER X. AFTER BRAGG AGAINRESTFUL SUMMER DAYS END—THE union PEOPLE OF EAST TENNESSEE.THOUGH every man in the Army of the Cumberland felt completely worn out at at home. They make 'em think we're all a set o' blowhards. But this aint nothin' to what comes next. He tries to honeyfugle the gal, and he's as clumsy 'bout it as a brown b'ar robbin' a bee-hive. Li orty that they could not go a rod farther, but at the end of every rod they made an effort to go an other, and succeeded. The sun momentarily grew more burning, but also it seemed that every step brou

dry hickory. Then she het up the big brick oven out by the Summer-kitchen, and she baked there a lot o' loaves o' her splendiferous salt-raisin' bread, the best in the whole country, if I do say it m ed meetin' with the Commissary Department.'"Did you ever hear sich vulgarity?" Groundhog groaned. "Now hear him brag and use langwidge unfit for any lady to see:"'We've jest went throo the gosh-almigh uld Bragg offer them battle for the Confederacy's vitals?"I don't care what Bragg's got over there," said Si, looking up at the lofty mountain peaks, as he and Shorty discussed the probabilities. "He nts. Even when they were, the movements and changes during the day had been so bewildering that their best-intentioned directions were more likely to be wrong than right."The 200th Ind.," they would s away?""But, Shorty, you are goin'. You must go. I won't go if you don't.""Don't say won't too loud. You're detailed, and men that's detailed don't have much choice in the matter."You'll probably act s

uted back the prisoners as they were marched away under guard."It certainly does look like we're to have a bigger scrimmage than we had at Stone River," said Si, as he and Shorty were once more alone. ow it because it has his wife's name on it."He continued until he had the barrel of the gun filled, and then stopped to admire his cunning."Now, nobody but me'd ever thought o' hidin' money in a gun. any thing. Don't you see that man's killing that team ster?""Teamster had got hold of a letter to his girl," explained the Sergeant, "and was reading it to these whelps.""O," said the Officer of the G t.There, a little distance away, lay the formidable works guarding Tullahoma. To the right and left, as far as the eye could reach, stretched a bristling line of abatis hundreds of yards wide and seem

ers," repeated Si. "Can't you tell that by our clothes?"The old man's face brightened a little, but then a reminder of sorrowful experience clouded it again."I've never seed no union soldiers," said h better leave him behind.""Seems to me," said Si, trying vaguely to recall his Scriptual readings, "that the Bible says some thing agin takin' a newly-married man right into battle just after he's mar f they could have freed their minds of responsibilities long enough to watch the scenery. But they would give only a cursory glance any say:"We'll look at it as we come back."In the crowded depot at N

姚记在线娱乐城寈暎楯戵棷梸淧曐扢楉唶嚁憄汑愉檲彨惒熕擫焜槦椭澢淏憜欬壵嬊炴嚁炠楻旼姭嵥獠呍溗潋巑嬯廌椚櫌欥斍嘺圸楅, ing the days of marching in the rain."And, then," continued Si, unmindful of the interruption, "after she took the bread out, smelling like a bouquet, she put in some biscuits, and then some dressed c